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Williamsburg Previously home to hard-working New Yorkers in the manufacturing decades, Williamsburg has emerged as Brooklyn’s most creative hub that many artists now find home. Recently, musicians and trending designers fuel Williamsburg’s lively and hip spirit that other professional residents can also appreciate. Old and new residents make the community vibrant as the easy accessibility to the Manhattan, deeper Brooklyn, and even Queens creates an incredibly unique social culture. Whether you’re into trendy shopping, partying from dusk till dawn, or going on an appetizing adventure, Williamsburg has proven extremely commodious towards any interest. Host of the famous Smorgasburg food festival and an abundance of famous thrift stores or upscale boutiques, this town is the ultimate trendsetter in the latest foodporn and streetwear. There is always a buzz of energy and excitement as young residents hop from dive bars to backyard lounges that radiate all genres of music throughout the night. If you just want some peace and quiet, catch a ride up towards Greenpoint or down towards Bushwick. The housing market has been booming due to a rise in popularity so beautiful walk-ups and sleek new high-rises have Manhattan prices but for good reason. Williamsburg has become the place to be with its confident and extremely cool vibe where its residents don’t miss a beat.



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