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west village

West Village The more relaxed but equally delightful West Village shines 1900’s bohemian style that harbored New York’s great thinkers. Today, the young and old, creative and professional communities come together in this mellow Old New York style neighborhood. Stunning brownstones, condominiums, and co-ops line the streets that each have their own personality and style, fitting for a quaint European town along cobblestone streets. With very few local offices, residents enjoy the serene tree-lined blocks where adorable cafes, indulgent restaurants, and snack bars are nestled along the sidewalks. The housing market rarely has any vacancies despite high price and openings fill up quickly due to high demand. Prestigious families, artists, professionals, and even some celebrities love this peaceful and kid-friendly area. West Village has a cozy atmosphere that serves as a perfect trendy but affluent hometown to many successful New Yorkers that fit in just right.




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