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union square

Union Square is Manhattan’s downtown watering hole in the midst of the Greenwich and East Village, Chelsea, and Flatiron. This historic park intersection is easily accessible through the 14th Street Subway station that unites Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. The subway exit leads right into Union Square Park that attracts a diverse crowd of New Yorkers and tourists who enjoy local events that include farmer’s markets, bullet chess matches, yoga sessions, and an endless array of other festivities all year round. Conveniently located amongst working districts and university campuses, the neighborhood is home to New Yorker’s of all ages and walks of life. With an abundance of intelligent young locals, social activism and protests are common, bringing all issues front and center for the world to see. Entertainment is endless with the best local restaurants, both upscale and casual, historic theaters, and shopping galore to satisfy everybody’s interests. Even after dark the neighborhood remains bustling as pub and club goers light up the night. Union Square area housing has it all from luxury high-rises and doorman buildings, to walk-ups and co-op residences that vary in price and amenities to fit all residential preferences. As the true center of it all, Union Square exemplifies all aspects of New York life and residents and passersby alike appreciate the neighborhoods never ending flow of business, culture, and fun,



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