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little italy

Little Italy In the 1900s, a wave of Italian immigrants made home to this Little Italy. While many of the original locals have moved throughout New York, this town maintains its legacy through long-time residents and newcomers who cherish the neighborhood, new and old. The streets mirror rich European architecture as Italian and European flags takes visitors back to the 20’s. More recently, young people and families transformed the neighborhood as chic wine bars and quaint coffee shops line the streets. Sidewalk and courtyard seat restaurants feature the most authentic Italian dishes that celebrate the neighborhood’s rich history and residential pride from lunch rushes to relaxed evenings. The San Gennaro Festival brings the bustling New York community together to enjoy great food, drinks, and company. Variety shops line the town from butcheries to boutiques, gaining a lot of day-time foot traffic from foodies and shoppers. Little Italy features its cultures sweet delights and savory treats from cannolis to salamis and cheese. Friends and families love browsing the busy streets or stopping by local wine bars in the evening for a peaceful night out. Residents find their way home to quaint walk-ups and co-ops above busy storefronts that are increasing in popularity and price, more affordably so than neighboring areas with downtown Manhattan convenience . Little Italy brings you overseas to enjoy fresh gelato and zeppoles around a diverse professional community that celebrates their neighborhood’s classic New York energy and rich heritage for all to experience.



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