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greenwich village

Greenwich Village The pulse of downtown Manhattan flows through Greenwich Village where classic New York culture lives mixed with trendy modern additions that make this one of the most vibrant neighborhoods to reside. New York University brings in the diligent students and young professional crowd that brings the Village to life with a steady foot traffic and buzzing atmosphere at all times.  Loved by locals and visitors alike, Washington Square Park is the community’s spirited center where people eat lunch together, play chess, rock out, or even stand up for their beliefs of justice through activism. Active residents love the easy accessibility of the Village to other popular areas like Midtown, Soho, and Union Square. Energy is always radiating day or night where hip locals link up with friends to brunch and people-watch, wine and dine, or turn up till sunrise. Residents go home to brownstones, upscale doorman buildings, or quaint pre-war walk-ups that all compete in price. Overall, the Village has its own culture full of diverse New Yorkers that love the down-to-earth environment that people all walks of life can call home.



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