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Gramercy Home to some of the most recognized New Yorkers of the nineteenth century, Gramercy was elegantly designed to emanate a peaceful and classic city escape. Now, people all walks of life make this town their home for its desirable private but convenient location and gorgeous brownstones, walk-ups, and doorman residencies. An abundance of greenery paints the town as prettiest hanging plants, tulips, and potted plants decorate doorsteps. Gramercy is very laid-back where residents can enjoy casual or fine dining and tame happy-hour craft bars for an after-work wind down. Gramercy Park is a polished escape that is exclusive to residents only who are given keys to open their gates. New Yorkers can easily return to the hustle and bustle of Manhattan approaching Union Square where the best shopping and accessible transportation lies. Residents come back home to picturesque facades and lush gardens that make Gramercy one of the most ornate and mellow, but never dull, neighborhoods amidst the surrounding urban jungle.  




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