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east village

East Village a diverse and eclectic neighborhood that long-time residents and hip newcomers form tight-knit community that embraces bold downtown living. A variety of local cafes, music stores, vintage boutiques, and shops full of other knick-knacks line the streets. A more laid back daytime neighborhood comes alive after dark where locals enjoy famous restaurants, bars, and entertainment of areas like St. Mark’s Place. The nightlife scene brings New Yorkers from all around to the coolest pubs or raves that is inclusive and friendly.  Find a quiet escape next to the East River listening to the humming footsteps of joggers passing by. Residents find haven in pre-war walk-ups to the far east or in the occasional doorman residencies and highrises that all pack a price. In this authentic and iconic town where creative professionals thrive, there is no wonder residents feel the steady New York pulse and electricity that draws in residents and visitors alike even after the rest of the town is sleeping.




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