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Chelsea One of the most creative and charming neighborhoods in the middle of classy updown and trendy downtown is Chelsea, home to young professionals and artists from all around. Chelsea caters to every New Yorker’s interests with its wide variety of eateries, both upscale and casual, renowned galleries, popular lounge bars, and scenic parks. Penn Station and the PATH train lines run conveniently close by, making the neighborhood very accessible to residents and visitors. One famous Chelsea destination is Chelsea Market that carries fresh groceries, unique snacks, and scrumptious hot to-go meals that satisfy every foodie strolling through its corridors. Another attraction is the High Line which is an old set of train tracks transformed into a waterfront park pathway where, in the summer months, you can find sunbathers and cold treat stands great for children and adults alike. After dark, a bustling nightlife attracts the most stylish New Yorker’s and tourists with its famous pubs and clubs where locals enjoy great drinks and even better company. Chelsea’s versatile housing market spans from sleek luxury high-rises to quaint walk-ups for more affordable prices. With its history of social activism and artistic celebration, Chelsea’s liveliness and versatility makes a cool and cultivated home for every resident.




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