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battery park

Battery Park The once busy shipping seaport hub has been reclaimed as Battery City Park in the 70’s which has since developed into a stunning urban haven. The unique lower Manhattan area incorporates New Yorkers from all walks of life, including various professionals, families, artists and other curious visitors who find a glowing private suburbia in the midst of bustling Manhattan. Battery Park is a clean, safe, and welcoming town with serene parks for a midday nature escape. For busy commuters, there are a number of subway lines, and ferries that can take you other parts of Manhattan and Jersey in minutes. The waterfront is still a main feature of the city today for glorious views and peaceful excursions. Five main public parks allow for an abundance of quiet wide open greenery and surrounding blocks are lined with outdoor food plazas full of quick delicious eats. The neighborhood caters to the most active New Yorkers who enjoy open courtyards and fields for all sorts of sports and exercise. Commercial shopping can be found at the World Financial Center’s Winter Garden for all knick-knack needs. This off-the-grid housing market is extensive and expensive with the latest condos and rental complexes that feature full amenities from concierges to parking lots. Battery City Park is immensely beautiful and has a perfect laid-back personality away from the fast-paced city that New Yorkers know and love.




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